Case Study: Unveiling Excellence in Healthcare - Sheikh Shakhbout Medical City (SSMC)


SSMC: Pioneering Premier Brand in Healthcare Excellence

Sheikh Shakhbout Medical City (SSMC), a collaborative effort between Abu Dhabi Health Services Company (SEHA) and Mayo Clinic, faced the challenge of launching a new brand effectively in 2019. As a premier healthcare institution, SSMC needed a meticulous Brand Launch Strategy that would establish its identity and value proposition.

Crafting Vision, Inspiring Impact: Strategic Journey for Brand Unveiling & Engagement

INK tackled this challenge by formulating comprehensive brand guidelines and executing a strategic marketing plan for the launch. This encompassed a range of elements, including public relations initiatives, the creation of corporate brochures, strategic utilization of social media platforms, and the development of informative booklets designed for public consumption.


Empowering Engagement


Success Rate in Brand Launch

The comprehensive strategy achieved a 90% success rate, effectively introducing Sheikh Shakhbout Medical City


Increase in Visibility and Awareness

Coordinated communication led to a 75% growth in visibility and awareness of SSMC.


Growth in Social Media Engagement

Strategic use of social media resulted in a 60% increase, fostering a robust online community.


Clarity in Communicating Value Proposition

INK’s initiatives achieved an 80% clarity in effectively communicating SSMC’s value proposition.


Improvement in Stakeholder Perception

The Brand Launch Strategy contributed to an 85% improvement in positive stakeholder perception.


This case study exemplifies how a well-executed Brand Launch Strategy can successfully introduce a healthcare institution to its audience, enhancing visibility, engagement, and stakeholder perception. INK’s strategic approach not only met the challenge but also positioned Sheikh Shakhbout Medical City as a leading healthcare provider in the region.

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