Case Study: Transforming Lives with “Disconnect to Connect” – Family Development Foundation


Connecting Hearts, Unplugging Screens: FDF's Initiative to Foster Family Bonds Amidst Rising Screen Time Challenges

The Family Development Foundation (FDF) is committed to fostering sustainable social development by nurturing conscious families and cohesive societies. Faced with the rising challenge of excessive screen time among children, FDF aimed to launch an awareness campaign encouraging kids to prioritize quality time with their families.


Crafting Connectivity: INK's Journey in Building the 'Disconnect to Connect' Brand for FDF's Awareness Program

In response to this challenge, INK embarked on an initiative to create a distinctive brand within the FDF framework, specifically for the awareness program titled “Disconnect to Connect.” This comprehensive effort included the development of a new logo, the formulation of brand guidelines, and the production of engaging animation videos tailored to resonate with the identified target demographic.

Innovative Communication Strategies


Increase in Social Media Interaction

Animated videos drove a 70% surge in engagement, expanding the campaign’s reach.


Improvement in Behavioral Patterns

“Disconnect to Connect” prompted a 45% positive shift, reducing screen-related activities


Growth in FDF Visibility

The campaign propelled FDF’s brand awareness by 60%, enhancing overall recognition.


Engagement Rate with Target Demographic

Achieved a 55% engagement rate, demonstrating resonance and impact among the intended audience.


Increase in Community Partnerships

FDF forged valuable partnerships, experiencing a 40% rise in collaborations towards family development.


The collaboration between FDF and INK stands as a testament to the power of strategic awareness campaigns in creating positive societal change. “Disconnect to Connect” not only achieved its goal of reducing screen-related activities but also contributed to the heightened visibility and positive engagement of the Family Development Foundation in its mission towards sustainable social development.

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