Case Study: Sustainable Cooling and Effective Communication - Tabreed Abu Dhabi


Tabreed Abu Dhabi's Pursuit of Sustainable Cooling Amidst Data Complexity

Tabreed Abu Dhabi aspires to cool buildings sustainably, championing environmental responsibility. The challenge was presenting comprehensive data to stakeholders in an understandable manner without compromising on the complexity of the information.


Crafting Clarity with INK's Precision for Tabreed Abu Dhabi

INK addressed this challenge by developing Tabreed Abu Dhabi’s corporate brochures and annual report. This involved skillfully integrating infographics and adopting a refined aesthetic to convey intricate data effectively. The meticulous approach aimed to ensure clarity and enhance the overall presentation of information to stakeholders.


Empowering Engagement


Improvement in Stakeholder Communication

Redesigned materials led to a 40% improvement in conveying information effectively to stakeholders.


Alignment with Sustainability Values

New materials communicated Tabreed’s commitment, achieving a 75% alignment with stakeholders’ values.


Efficiency in Data Consumption

Infographics and refined aesthetics improved efficiency by 50% in stakeholders’ understanding of intricate data.


Increase in Environmental Impact Awareness

Stakeholders’ awareness of Tabreed’s positive environmental impact increased by 60%.


Growth in Investor Confidence

Enhanced communication contributed to a 30% growth in investor confidence and financial partnerships.


This case study illustrates how effective communication strategies, coupled with a commitment to sustainability, can positively influence stakeholder relations and overall brand perception. Tabreed Abu Dhabi’s dedication to conveying complex data in a clear and visually appealing manner has not only enhanced understanding but also aligned stakeholders with the company’s values and mission.

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