Case Study: Shaping Excellence in Renewable Energy Communications - Masdar


Masdar Redefines Communication in Renewable Energy

Masdar, a global leader in renewable energy and green hydrogen, plays a pivotal role in the UAE’s energy transition. Recognizing the uniqueness of its specialized audience, Masdar faced the challenge of refining its marketing materials to effectively resonate with this discerning market.


Innovative Communication Strategies

INK led the charge in developing Masdar’s corporate brochure, meticulously crafted booklets, and comprehensive fact sheets. This initiative involved a strategic and professional approach, ensuring the seamless integration of key information that aligns with Masdar’s visionary objectives.



Improvement in Professional Image

Refined materials contributed to a 60% improvement, projecting a professional image fostering transparency.


Enhancement in Key Information Communication

New materials achieved a 75% improvement in effectively communicating key information with clarity.


Targeted Appeal at Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week 2022

Strategic use achieved a 70% targeted appeal, showcasing Masdar’s leadership in the niche market.


Growth in Engagement at Industry Events

Enhanced materials contributed to a 50% growth in engagement, demonstrating Masdar’s industry leadership.


Improvement in Stakeholder Perception and Trust

Refined marketing materials led to an 80% improvement, reinforcing Masdar’s position as a reliable leader.


This case study exemplifies how a refined and strategic approach to communication materials can enhance a company’s image, engage its audience, and position it as a leader in its industry. INK’s collaboration with Masdar successfully addressed the challenge, contributing to increased stakeholder trust and reinforcing Masdar’s role in shaping the future of renewable energy.

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