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A Collaborative Commitment to Sustainability

ADNOC, a prominent diversified energy group wholly owned by the Abu Dhabi Government, places a paramount emphasis on its core values, with a central focus on the well-being of its people. Ensuring the health and safety of its diverse workforce, comprised of individuals from various countries, became a critical challenge. The obstacle at hand involved effectively disseminating crucial health and safety information in a way that transcended language barriers


Innovative Communication Strategies

To address this challenge, ADNOC implemented a comprehensive solution that leveraged innovative communication strategies:

Engaging and informative animated infographic videos were created. These videos presented key health and safety information using visual elements, facts, and figures. The aim was to make the content universally understandable, transcending linguistic differences.

Multilingual Animated Safety Videos offer concise, visually engaging guidance in various languages, ensuring universal comprehension of safety protocols. Combining animation and multiple languages, these videos promote safety awareness and understanding across diverse audiences worldwide


Innovative Communication Strategies

Driven by a profound belief that, as marketers, we are stewards of the messages, products, and brands we choose to promote, INK Communications draws on decades of experience with international brands. This robust expertise is now dedicated to brands that align with our vision of a better world.


Accident Frequency Reduction


Stakeholder Engagement Increase


Social Media Engagement Increase

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