Case Study: Nurturing Mothers Through "Enaya" - Department of Health Abu Dhabi (DoH)


Nurturing New Beginnings: DoH's 'Enaya' Program Empowers First-Time Mothers for Optimal Newborn Care and Postnatal Well-Being

The Department of Health – Abu Dhabi (DoH) is the regulatory body for the healthcare sector in the Emirate, ensuring excellence in healthcare for the community. In response to this commitment, DoH initiated the “Enaya” program, designed to provide comprehensive support to first-time mothers, guiding them on newborn care and postnatal well-being.


Innovative Outreach: INK's Holistic Communications Strategy and Care Packages Enhance 'Enaya' Program's Impact on Maternal Health

To meet this challenge, INK implemented a holistic communications strategy, strategically disseminating crucial information through various online platforms. The official website became a central hub, meticulously optimized with maternal health, newborn care, and postnatal support. This strategic approach aimed to elevate the online visibility of the “Enaya” program, ensuring that prospective and new mothers could easily access essential resources and support. In addition to the website, INK ensured that social media posts were generated to share this information on DoH’s online channels.

Beyond digital communication, INK took a proactive step in addressing the tangible needs of first-time mothers by crafting a specialized care package. Tailored to cater specifically to postnatal care and overall well-being, this thoughtful package included essential items that resonated with keywords related to maternal health, infant care, and holistic well-being. The care package became not only a practical resource but also a symbolic representation of the “Enaya” program’s commitment to the health and happiness of new mothers.


INK's Impactful Campaign: Elevating 'Enaya' Program with Increased Website Engagement, Sign-ups, Social Media Reach, User Satisfaction, and Broadened Awareness


Increase in Website Clickthrough Rate (CTR)

INK’s strategy led to a 40% rise in website engagement, indicating improved user interaction.


Growth in First-Time Mothers Signing Up

The “Enaya” program experienced a 30% increase in sign-ups, showcasing effective outreach.


Surge in Social Media Engagement

INK’s plan resulted in a 50% increase in engagement on DoH’s social media platforms.


User Satisfaction Rate - Positive Feedback

Users expressed a 90% satisfaction rate, highlighting the program’s positive impact.


Uptick in Program Awareness - Broadened Reach

Program awareness experienced a 60% uptick, reaching a broader audience of first-time mothers.


This case study highlights how a thoughtful communication strategy, coupled with tangible care initiatives, can successfully support and engage first-time mothers. INK’s collaboration with the Department of Health effectively addressed the challenge, resulting in increased program participation, user satisfaction, and overall positive impact on maternal well-being.

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