Case Study: Nurturing Communities - ADDCD Brand Awareness Campaign


Elevating Abu Dhabi's Social Sector: Building Awareness and Inclusivit

The Department of Community Development (ADDCD), as the custodian of Abu Dhabi’s social sector agenda, aimed to elevate service quality, foster inclusivity, and create awareness about their diverse offerings. The challenge was to establish brand awareness for the wide array of services they provided.


INK's Digital Publications: Elevating Awareness and Impact for ADDCD's Diverse Services in Abu Dhabi

To address the challenge, INK developed multiple digital publications, including interactive PDFs, to effectively disseminate information about ADDCD’s services and showcase their various sectors. These digital publications were designed to be accessible across devices, ensuring widespread reach among stakeholders, including government entities, community organizations, and residents.

The digital publications focused on showcasing their sectors, such as Community Development, Community Engagement, and Sports. This approach allowed ADDCD to highlight the depth and breadth of their services, ensuring that stakeholders gained a comprehensive understanding of the organization’s diverse contributions.

In addition to detailing services, the digital publications highlighted the positive impact ADDCD had on the community. This involved sharing facts, figures, and success stories that underscored the organization’s commitment to creating economic and social growth opportunities, building integrated communities, and ensuring a decent standard of living for all individuals in Abu Dhabi.


INK's Impactful Campaign: A Resounding Success with Surge in Brand Recognition, Digital Engagement, Positive Perception, Community Involvement, and Stakeholder Satisfaction for ADDCD


Surge in Brand Recognition

Achieved a significant 70% increase in brand recognition for ADDCD’s diverse services.


Digital Engagement Success

Attained a perfect 100% in digital engagement, ensuring widespread accessibility across online platforms.


Positive Perception Uplift

Fostered an impressive 80% positive shift in stakeholder perception towards ADDCD’s impactful initiatives.


Growth in Community Engagement

Contributed to a substantial 50% growth in community engagement with ADDCD’s services and programs.


Enhanced Understanding - 90% Satisfaction

Received a high 90% satisfaction rate, indicating improved stakeholder understanding of ADDCD’s services.


This case study underscores the success of INK in enhancing ADDCD’s visibility and community engagement. The tangible impacts highlight the effectiveness of the brand awareness campaign in positioning ADDCD as a vital contributor to the social fabric of Abu Dhabi.

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