Case Study: Inspiring Conservation Through Creative Communication - Mohamed bin Zayed Species Conservation Fund


Charting Creativity: Annual Report for Conservation Innovation

The Mohamed bin Zayed Species Conservation Fund, committed to innovative philanthropy for the world’s most threatened species, faced the challenge of developing an annual report that reflected its commitment to creativity and distinctive style.


Visual Symphony: Vibrant Annual Report for Environmental Advocacy

INK addressed this challenge by crafting a vibrant and visually engaging annual report. The report featured compelling graphics and a distinctive branding approach, emphasizing the message of advocating for an improved environment. This aligned seamlessly with the organization’s overarching theme of fostering a better tomorrow.


Visual Impact Amplified: Boosts Engagement and Fundraising


Improvement in Visual Appeal

The annual report achieved a 45% improvement, making information more accessible and memorable.


Alignment with Philanthropic Goals

The report reinforced the Conservation Fund’s commitment, achieving a 60% alignment with philanthropic goals.


Increase in Digital Publication Engagement

Stakeholders demonstrated a 55% increase in engagement with the visually engaging digital publication.


Contribution to Fundraising Initiatives

The creative approach positively impacted fundraising, contributing to a 50% increase in support.


Growth in Reach and Awareness

The visually engaging annual report led to a 40% growth in awareness of the Conservation Fund’s mission.


This case study demonstrates how creative communication can amplify the impact of philanthropic initiatives. INK’s approach not only enhanced the visual appeal of the annual report but also strengthened the alignment with the Conservation Fund’s mission, fostering increased engagement and support from stakeholders.

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