Case Study: Energizing Transformation with Abu Dhabi Department of Energy


Powering Progress: Abu Dhabi Department of Energy's Evolutionary Brand Journey

The Abu Dhabi Department of Energy embarked on a mission to spearhead the emirate’s energy transition, emphasizing economic growth, social development, and environmental sustainability. To successfully communicate this transformation, there was a need for a revitalized brand image, creative work, and comprehensive brand guidelines.


Empowering Progress: INK's Dynamic Two-Year Partnership with the Department of Energy

INK embraced a two-year collaboration with the Department of Energy, offering an array of creative services. Our contributions spanned the development of new brand guidelines, the creation of dynamic social media content, and the production of educational video animations focusing on water and energy conservation. Furthermore, we strategically designed the annual report, ensuring a visually compelling representation of the Department’s initiatives and accomplishments.



Social Media Engagement Surges

  • Achievement: A remarkable 45% increase in social media engagement.
  • Tangible Impact: The revitalized brand image and engaging content strategy led to a substantial surge in online interaction, reaching and educating a wider audience.
  • 60%

    Public Awareness Soars:

  • Achievement: 60% increase in public awareness campaigns on energy conservation.
  • Tangible Impact: Strategic communication efforts successfully conveyed the importance of energy conservation, contributing to a 60% increase in public awareness and responsible energy practices.
  • 500k

    Educational Video Impact

  • Achievement: Over 500,000 views on educational video animations.
  • Tangible Impact: The animated educational videos gained significant traction, surpassing half a million views, effectively educating and engaging the community on water and energy conservation.
  • Annual Report Recognition

  • Achievement: Recognized for Best Annual Report Design at the Energy Sector Awards.
  • Tangible Impact: The strategically designed annual report garnered industry recognition, showcasing the Department’s initiatives and accomplishments and earning the prestigious title of Best Annual Report Design.
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