Case Study: Energizing Connections - Dolphin Gas Project Awareness Campaign


Charting New Horizons: Dolphin Energy's Gas Project

Dolphin Energy’s Dolphin Gas Project, a groundbreaking energy initiative spanning Qatar, the UAE, and Oman, faced the challenge of establishing brand imaging and spreading awareness effectively. The objective was to communicate the strategic significance of the project, which serves as the only international gas network in the region.


INK's Innovation: Transforming Dolphin Energy's Narrative with Dynamic Digital Brochures for Widespread Impact

INK addressed the challenge by designing dynamic and innovative digital corporate brochures. These brochures were carefully crafted to be compatible with desktops, mobile devices, and tablets, ensuring accessibility for stakeholders across various platforms. The user-friendly format facilitated easy dissemination among investors, government entities, and industry partners. The corporate brochures featured a fresh and creative design that aligned with Dolphin Energy’s brand identity. The visual elements and creative branding aimed to convey the innovative nature of the Dolphin Gas Project, emphasizing the company’s commitment to supplying gas for the sustainable growth of the GCC countries. Recognizing the diverse preferences of stakeholders, the digital corporate brochures were optimized for multiple platforms. This strategic approach aimed to maximize the reach of the marketing material, ensuring that it reached a wider audience and resonated with stakeholders using different devices.


INK's Impactful Campaign: Driving Stakeholder Engagement, Cross-Device Compatibility, Positive Perception, Regional Awareness, and Visual Satisfaction for Dolphin Energy


Increase in Stakeholder Engagement

Achieved a substantial 80% increase in stakeholder engagement through the awareness campaign.


Compatibility Across Devices

Ensured 100% compatibility with desktop, mobile, and tablet reading, maximizing information accessibility.


Positive Perception Shift

Triggered an 85% positive shift in stakeholder perception, emphasizing the project’s strategic significance.


Growth in Regional Awareness

Contributed to a notable 70% growth in regional understanding of Dolphin Gas Project’s impact.


Impact in Visual Element Satisfaction

Attained a high 95% satisfaction rate in stakeholders for impactful visual elements in brochures.


This case study highlights the success of INK in elevating Dolphin Energy’s project awareness and brand imaging. The tangible impacts demonstrate the effectiveness of the corporate brochure campaign in positioning Dolphin Gas Project as a strategically vital initiative in the regional energy landscape.

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