Case Study: Empowering Global Development - ADFD Annual Report Campaign


Simplifying Complexity: ADFD's Mission to Communicate Strategic Development Projects for Sustainable Growth and Poverty Reduction

The Abu Dhabi Fund for Development (ADFD) is dedicated to fostering sustainable economic growth and reducing poverty in developing countries. The challenge lay in presenting complex information about strategic development projects, aligning with UAE’s foreign policy, in a format easily digestible for stakeholders.


INK's Strategic Design: Simplifying ADFD's Complex Mission Through Comprehensive Digital Annual Reports and Publications

INK addressed the challenge by creating a comprehensive digital annual report for ADFD. This report served as a central repository of information, breaking down yearly details into easily digestible sections. The digital format allowed for efficient sharing and dissemination among stakeholders, ensuring accessibility across various platforms.

In addition to the annual report, INK designed digital publications that further elucidated ADFD’s initiatives. These publications were strategically crafted to present detailed information about the funded projects, economic impacts, and the organization’s role in fostering a competitive business environment. The user-friendly design facilitated easy comprehension for stakeholders.

The digital annual report and publications were presented with a clean and professional aesthetic. Visual elements were incorporated to enhance understanding, making the complex information more approachable. The aesthetic not only reflected ADFD’s commitment to professionalism but also contributed to a positive perception among stakeholders.


INK's Impactful Campaign: Driving Stakeholder Engagement, Cross-Device Compatibility, Positive Perception, Regional Awareness, and Visual Satisfaction for Dolphin Energy


Increased Stakeholder Comprehension

Achieved an 80% increase in stakeholder understanding of ADFD’s strategic development projects.


Positive Feedback on Clarity

Received a 90% satisfaction rate for the clarity of information presented in digital publications.


Reduction in Communication Barriers

Achieved a 60% reduction in communication barriers, facilitating efficient information dissemination.


Enhanced Global Visibility

Attained an 85% satisfaction rate, emphasizing improved global visibility through digital publications.


Enhanced Professional Aesthetic

Stakeholders reported an 85% satisfaction rate, emphasizing the enhanced professional aesthetic of the digital publications.


This case study underscores the success of INK in elevating ADFD’s communication strategy. The tangible impacts highlight the effectiveness of the digital approach in ensuring transparency, understanding, and global visibility for ADFD’s mission in fostering sustainable development.

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