Case Study: Elevating Dubai Health Authority's Brand Presence


Innovating Health, Inspiring Tomorrow: DHA & INK's Journey to Transform Healthcare Excellence

Dubai Health Authority (DHA), as a key player in Dubai’s healthcare sector, aimed to solidify its position as a leader committed to excellence and innovation. Recognizing the need for a robust branding campaign, DHA partnered with INK to create a comprehensive solution.

DHA Branding Triumph: INK's 360-Degree Campaign Unveiling Excellence in Healthcare Services

INK executed a 360-degree branding campaign for DHA, covering various touchpoints such as stationery, outdoor signage, TV, and radio commercials. The campaign, thoughtfully crafted in both Arabic and English, aimed to educate the audience about DHA’s presence and the spectrum of services it provides.


Innovative Communication Strategies


Web Registrations Surge

  • Achievement: 70% increase in registrations on DHA’s website.
  • Tangible Impact: A substantial rise in online engagement reflects heightened public interest and trust in DHA’s services.


Services Obtained Online Soar

  • Achievement: 58% increase in services obtained through DHA’s website.
  • Tangible Impact: The campaign not only drew attention but also translated into a significant uptick in individuals availing themselves of DHA’s services via the website.


Health Professionals Embrace Online Services

  • Achievement: 40% increase in health professionals obtaining services through DHA’s website.
  • Tangible Impact: The strategic campaign resonated not only with the general public but also with healthcare professionals, showcasing DHA as a preferred and accessible resource.

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